Media Roundup: Seattle Public Hearing For $15/hr Minimum Wage

Town Hall Speaker
“What we have is an historic moment. Seattle has an opportunity to say something about poverty. It’s a moral and a political question.”

Thank you to everyone who participated in Wednesday’s public hearing on raising Seattle’s minimum wage. After four hours and 94 public testimonies, the message was clear: Seattle overwhelmingly supports raising the minimum wage to $15/hr with no exemptions, no tip penalty and no total compensation! A whopping 74 people spoke in favor of a strong $15/hour minimum wage, with only 11 people completely opposed.

With 700 people in attendance, a sea of red shirts stretching from wall to wall, and thunderous applause and cheering in support of $15/hour echoing throughout the building, it is clear that the momentum is building. And let’s keep it up by going all out to mobilize for the March for 15 on March 15th! Learn more and invite your friends here.

In the meantime, check out some of the media coverage of this historic moment!

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