Media Roundup: Mayor Unable To Present Min. Wage Proposal Today

Kshama Sawant Responds To Mayor Murray’s Press Conference

Kshama Sawant on $15 Minimum Wage: “Ultimately, the Decision Will Be Made By the City Council”

City council member Kshama Sawant says she’s “not surprised” that the mayor’s minimum-wage committee wasn’t able to reach a deal today. “I think it’s important for people to realize that it’s not an earth-shattering surprise,” she says, describing the goals of the group’s labor-side and business-side members are fundamentally “divergent.”

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Next Stop For the $15 Minimum Wage Battle: the City Council

It’s city council time. Because the real power here is in the hands of the council, which will be responsible for passing actual minimum-wage legislation. (Despite understandable focus elsewhere until now, the power’s been theirs all along.) Council members will say they’re listening widely and intently on this issue, and that may be true, but they’re not at all required to use what comes from the mayor or his committee.

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