Seattle: Charter Amendment Filed for $15 minimum wage

sarah files  ballot press conference

On April 14th Sarah White, a nurse practitioner and 15 Now supporter, filed a charter amendment for Seattle that calls for a $15 minimum wage for all workers, with no tip penalty or total compensation, and with a three-year phase in for small businesses and all nonprofits.  At the press conference were a number of representatives from community organizations (Casa Latina, El Comité, Transit Rider’s Union, Socialist Alternative) and King County Councilmember and longtime civil rights activist Larry Gossett.

The charter amendment provides a safety net for workers to use if the City Council does not pass an ordinance that covers all workers without needless delay or loopholes.

Our next steps will be decided at the First National 15 Now Conference on April 26th.  We will democratically discuss  a strategy to win $15/hour for all Seattle workers, that includes whether to go forward with signature collection for the charter amendment.

If you are interested in getting involved, please register for the April 26th Conference, and get involved with an action group near you!