Seattle: Ballot initiative media roundup

King County council member Larry Gossett at Monday's filing (Image: 15 Now)

Sarah White, a nurse practitioner and 15Now activist filed a charter amendment yesterday morning to protect the rights of Seattle voters to pass a real $15/hr minimum wage.  If the city council does not pass a strong ordinance that covers all workers without needless delay or loopholes, we can put it to the people of Seattle to vote to end poverty wages. Raising the minimum wage to $15/hour in Seattle would lift 100,000 workers and their families out of poverty.

Seattle joins San Francisco as the second city with a ballot measure to raise the minimum wage to $15/hour. We hosted a press conference to announce this historic step in the Fight for 15. Below are some media articles on the filing:

KIRO 7: “A new twist in the minimum wage war”

KUOW: Seattle’s $15 Wage Campaign Eyes The Ballot

The Slog: $15 Minimum Wage Movement Files its Ballot Measure
“The mayor’s committee is still meeting, through the end of April, to hash out their a compromise between business and labor interests. But word on the street is that the issue of total compensation—counting things like tips and health care toward an employer’s minimum wage obligation—may bring the sides to a deadlock.”

The Seattle Times: $15 Now files ballot initiative to raise Seattle’s minimum wage
“Activists this morning filed a Seattle city charter amendment to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour starting Jan. 1, 2015. The measure calls for a three-year phase-in for small business and non-profit organizations and defines a small business as any with 250 or fewer full-time employees.”

Daily Kos: Ballot Initiative Filed! The Fight for Fifteen Starts Playing Hardball in Seattle
No Twitter? No problem! The Kos pulls some highlights.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog: With Seattle charter amendment filed, 15 Now leader at Capitol Hill Community Council minimum wage panel this week
Don’t forget to make it to a panel on income inequality and raising the minimum wage. Panelists include our own Jess Spear! More info in the article

KING 5: Seattle group files measure for $15 minimum wage
“It’s putting the power in the hands of citizens of Seattle where it belongs,” said Jess Spear, a 15 Now organizer. “The city charter needs to reflect the fundamental needs of the people.”