The Movement for $15 is Winning!

The movement for $15 is winning. Now close the corporate loopholes!

The fact that Seattle City Council is seriously debating a proposal to guarantee all workers a $15 minimum wage is due to pressure from our grassroots movement. We’re winning! But the fight isn’t over yet. Business has been forced to accept $15. But, they’ve pressured the Mayor to give them a long phase in and tip and healthcare penalties that allow them to pay their workers a lower minimum wage for up to 10 years. They will pressure the city council for more loopholes, so we have to keep up the pressure from our movement to prevent further watering down, and to demand the council amend the proposal:

1. End the phase in for big business. McDonalds and Starbucks can pay $15 now!
2. End the healthcare and tip penalties, and shorten the phase in for small business. Workers can’t wait up to 10 years to get $15.

Contact your councilmember to let them know you want a stronger $15

Sally Bagshaw • sally.bagshaw@seattle.gov • 206-684-8801
Tim Burgess • tim.burgess@seattle.gov • 206-684-8806
Sally Clark • sally.clark@seattle.gov • 206-684-8802
Jean Godden • jean.godden@seattle.gov • 206-684-8807
Bruce Harrell • bruce.harrell@seattle.gov • 206-684-8804
Nick Licata • nick.licata@seattle.gov • 206-684-8803
Mike O’Brien • mike.obrien@seattle.gov • 206-684-8800
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Kshama Sawant • kshama.sawant@seattle.gov • 206-684-8016