15 Now has generated excitement across the spectrum in Philly

Median income in Philadelphia hovers at $31,000 per household or about $15/hr.  With over 30% of the city living in official poverty and 12% in deep poverty, an increase in the minimum wage from $7.25 to $15/hr would completely transform the city and region.

15 Now Philly launched in February  with our first action on International Women’s Day .  15 NowPhilly paved the way for a coalition with the SEIU fast food organizers at Fight for 15 and a statewide coalition called Raise the Wage PA.

Through April and May, 15 Now Philly hit the streets with a petition aimed at local and state politicians.  This petition for 15 was met with tremendous enthusiasm and opened conversations with more than 1,500 community members laying the groundwork for a broad campaign.

At our first Open Assembly on Tuesday, May 20th we moved to launch three neighborhood committees in South, North and West Philly.  These meetings will form the backbone of 15 NowPhilly action groups and further strategy to agitate and organize.

The critical strength of 15Now Philly involves our diverse organizing committee including  low wage workers from fast food, retail and home health aid industries.  15 Now has generated excitement across the spectrum in Philly.  We’re ready for real change and a new way forward for working people.Now we can point to the success of Seattle to show people that it’s possible to win.