MCDonalds 15

February 21st Day of Action: Fight McDonald’s Workplace Racism!

15 Now Stands in Solidarity with McDonald’s Workers Against Workplace Racism

Last month, a group of workers filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against McDonald’s, charing they were fired because managers felt the restaurant was “too dark” and wanted to “get the ghetto out of the store.”

The fight for a workplace rights and decent wages is linked to the fight against racial discrimination. Black workers are paid less, and are confronted with racism in the workplace.
15 Now calls for a nationwide day of action in solidarity with these workers on February 21st — the 50th anniversary of Malcolm X’s assassination. Malcolm X taught us that we have the power to organize and fight back against systematic oppression. We will honor his legacy by supporting McDonald’s workers and protesting racism at one of the most criminal low-wage employers in the US.

We call on every chapter to plan actions — a picket, a die-in, or any creative action you can think of to call attention to the injustice workers of color face.

Please send us your photos, videos, or short reports to so we can post them widely and help spread the word that low workers all across the country are not only standing up and fighting for $15, but are part of the larger movement asserting #BlackLivesMatter.