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Join 15 Now action groups, low-wage workers, union members and activists from all across the country who are part of the historic effort to raise the minimum wage. We will share our experiences and collectively discuss our strategy to take our movement to the next level.

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When: Saturday, April 26
Location: Franklin High School
3013 S Mt Baker Blvd, Seattle, WA 98144

Speakers include: Glen Ford, Kshama Sawant & David Cay Johnston

Doors at 9:30am
10:30am Opening plenary: Strategy to win $15
1:00pm Lunch
2:00pm Workshops (Want to lead your own workshop? Click here!)
4:00pm Strategy for $15 (part 2): Take decisions on next steps for $15
6:00pm Dinner
7:30pm Rally
8:30pm Celebration

Why we are holding this conference

Seattle is poised to be the first major city to win a $15 minimum wage and a win in Seattle will be a victory everywhere for our growing movement which aims to lift millions out of poverty across the country.

Building on the momentum in Seattle and the fast food workers strikes last year, 15 Now actions were held in 21 cities across the country during the March 8th – 15th Week of Action.

But big business is gearing up for a counter-offensive to the movement for $15 and will fight tooth and nail to protect their massive profits made from paying their workers poverty wages. What will it take to beat this counter-offensive, win in Seattle and grow the movement nationally?

We cannot rely on the political establishment. Even in Seattle, where the Mayor has set up an Advisory Committee to discuss a $15/hr minimum wage, there are no guarantees, especially with big corporations campaigning to stop us. Big Business wants to defeat $15 or undermine a real $15/hr minimum wage by including tip credit and “total compensation” where tips and benefits would be counted towards wages.

We can only rely on our own strength and need to build even more grassroots pressure from below. In Seattle, we will weigh up whether or not to launch a signature gathering campaign to put a robust $15 minimum wage initiative on the November ballot to let the people of Seattle decide.

15 Now’s conference is timed to allow us to make the most informed decisions on next steps in Seattle and to bring together Fight for $15 activists across the country to exchange our experiences and begin building a more cohesive nation-wide movement.

We’re calling for activists, labor organizers, members from 15 Now action groups, and low wage workers to come together and democratically decide on the next steps to win a $15/hr minimum wage in Seattle and beyond.

Join us at this historic conference to take the fight for 15 to the next level!

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Financial Assistance

For those attending from out of town and can’t afford the cost of travel we are providing some financial assistance. We cannot guarantee full reimbursement but you can apply for assistance in the form below. The deadline to apply was April 1, but has been extended to April 7.

If you live in Seattle please contribute to our travel assistance fund or help provide housing for our brothers and sisters from around the country so that they can join us in this historic moment!


If you need housing we are asking for volunteers from Seattle to offer beds and couches in their homes. You can apply for housing below.

If you live in Seattle, please let us know if you can provide a bed or couch for people coming from out of town.

If you are interested in finding your own accommodations, see this list of suggestions forhotels and hostels.


If you need childcare during the conference, please email info@15now.org with your childcare needs. We will be coordinating childcare for the conference and will get back to you with details.


  • Strategies for organizing low-wage workers
  • Can we win with the ballot?
  • Starting a local 15 Now chapter
  • What about small business?
  • Signature gathering and door knocking training
  • Strike action to win $15?
  • What is the big business strategy to stop $15?

More workshops coming soon.
To submit a proposal for a workshop, please fill out this form.