15 Now Action Groups: Building the Fight for 15 in your neighborhood

The 15 Now Action Groups hit the ground running over the weekend with 5 initial Seattle District meetings. Already several of the District groups have divided into Neighborhood and Campus Action Groups, set their next meetings, and made initial plans for action!

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We’ve seen a growing number of attacks on the Fight for $15 from the Seattle Times and other media outlets recently. The Action Groups will be vital in countering the corporate media’s inevitable assault on the movement. Big business, scared by the recent poll revealing that 68% of likely voters in Seattle support $15, will throw everything they have to frighten the city into submission. Its our job to build a grassroots movement to win $15 in 2014!

Next Steps: Organizing actions for the March 7th – 15th Week of Action and building for the March for $15 on March 15th!