“Actually, you’re wrong” Murray

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From The Stranger: Mayor Murray Tells Activist He’s Been Against Tip Credits “Since 1997,” But Co-Sponsored a State Tip Credit Bill in 2001

Spear started her question to Murray by mentioning that he had supported legislation instating a lower wage for tipped workers, a position 15 Now and many activists are strongly against, while he was a state legislator in Olympia. “So I ask you where you stand on tip credit,” she asked Murray. “Have you changed your position, or are you going to be bringing tip credit to Seattle?”

MURRAY: So first of all, what year did I support that?
SPEAR: 2002.
MURRAY: Actually, you’re wrong. It was in the 1990s.
SPEAR: Well, have you changed your position now?
MURRAY: No, it was in 1996 … I have been clear since 1997 that I do not support a tip credit.

Except there’s one problem with Murray’s defense: He co-sponsored a tip-credit bill in 2001. You can see it right here, House Bill 1973, which directed the department of labor and industries to “establish an adjusted minimum tipped wage rate that is equal to seventy-five percent of the adjusted minimum wage… but no less than six dollars and seventy-two cents per hour.”