Recent news coverage on minimum wage issues

How much does it really cost to live in a city like Seattle?

Overwhelmingly, of the hundreds of studies that have been done — and they have been done on real world examples from around the country — there’s no impact on employment when you modestly increase the minimum wage.

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The Minimum Wage Work Strikes Back: Across the U.S., Fast Food Workers Are Asking, “What Am I Worth?”

Fast-food workers begin each week with uncertainty. They do not know how many hours they will work or when those hours will be. They do not know whether they will come up with the cash?—?and it is always cash?—?to make it to the job. They do not know if the lights will still be on when they get home. They do not know where, in a few months, home will be. They hunt for cheaper or easier or safer, knowing that to combine them is impossible.

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