WFSE Local 1488 donates $20,000 to 15 Now!

ATU and Seattle’s 36th and 43rd district Democrats join growing and formidable coalition of 15 Now supporters

15 Now big orange
April 7, 2014 – Seattle – 15 Now, the grassroots organization advocating for a strong $15 per hour, and shaking-up Seattle’s politics, continues to assemble a growing and formidable coalition of endorsements and supporters.

Yesterday Washington State Federation of State Employees (WFSE) Local 1488, which represents classified workers at the University of Washington, delivered a $20,000 donation to 15 Now. This followed news over the weekend that the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) International officially endorsed 15 Now. ATU represents over 190,000 transit and allied workers, the largest union representing this sector in North America. The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America Local 713 of Hayward, CA also recently voted to endorse and donate to 15 Now. These unions understand that a win in Seattle will embolden workers fighting for a living wage across the country.

Additionally, Seattle’s 36th and 43rd District Democrats recently endorsed 15 Now, sending a clear message to City Hall that there is broad support for a real $15 minimum wage, without a tip penalty or “total compensation.”. They join elected Democratic Party politicians such as King County Council Member Larry Gossett and Burien Council Member Lauren Berkowitz, along with a large and diverse coalition of Seattle areas unions, civil rights, community and progressive organizations and prominent political figures and activists.

15 Now is growing in strength daily, with contributions, endorsements, and volunteers in Action Groups throughout every district of Seattle. The expanded support for 15 Now from labor unions and community groups both locally and nationally demonstrates how the money and power of big business can be overcome when working people organize collectively.

For more information contact:
Jess Spear, 15 Now Organizing Director, 703-244-6069
Jeff Upthegrove, 15 Now Treasurer, 360-362-3180