Tell City Council What Workers Want!

Over the next few weeks the City Council will be debating and discussing the Mayor’s proposal for raising the minimum wage. Business interests will be pressuring the Council to water it down further – we need them to know that workers can’t afford to wait for $15. After all, the rent won’t wait. We can’t phase in our bill payments.

Let’s show the council that we want a stronger $15 – one that does not give big business an unnecessary 3-4 phase in, that does not penalize workers who receive tips or healthcare, that does not have some workers waiting 10 years to receive $15, and gives workers a real $15, in today’s dollars. The Mayor’s proposal is a big step forward,¬†but it needs to be strengthened – by removing the tip/healthcare penalties and shortening the phase in – and we need to defend against business smuggling in more¬†corporate loopholes.

Join us at the City Council’s public discussion on the proposal. Get there early to sign up to speak!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 6 p.m.
Rainier Beach High School
8815 Seward Park Avenue South, Seattle