The Movement Spreads: 15Now Los Angeles


This past week 15 Now activists met for the first meeting of 15Now Los Angeles to discuss next steps for the movement.  Also this past week a proposal to raise California’s minimum wage to $13 an hour died in an California Assembly labor committee – failing to reach the needed votes to advance to the floor of the assembly.  The first meeting of 15 Now discussed the absolute need to build a grassroots movement of working people and not to rely on the Democratic Party, which has unfortunately proven itself a representative of corporate interests over those of the millions of working people languishing in poverty.

If you live in the LA area and want to get active in the movement for $15 an hour minimum wage – check out the facebook page and sign up.

Please donate $15 today to help us hire a full organizer for California. We need to raise $29,000.  Donate today at


15 Now Los Angeles

Jose Vanderburg

15 Now Los Angeles is just getting started but it’s part of a growing movement in the Southern California seeking to bolster community awareness on income inequality. We hope to foster a shift toward a higher value placed on work done by hundreds of thousands low wage workers and bring about a $15 minimum wage in the City of Los Angeles.

On May 15 our organizers came out for the the union-lead global fast food strike and rallied with some grassroots blood, handing out literature debunking the myths behind raising the minimum wage as well as leaflets outlining the strategy and victories in Seattle.

We collected contact information from over 60 different activists ready to continue to build the movement in LA. We aim to continue collecting signatures and officially launch 15 Now LA in the middle of June.

To build support, our core organizers are taking to the streets during the week, walking up and down Venice Beach Blvd. in our bright red 15 Now shirts getting people informed, involved and invigorated to make 15 Now a reality in Los Angeles California. Peace.