$15 Wins in Roxbury, Boston

On Tuesday, November 4th , the fight for a living wage won a number of resounding victories nationwide. In Massachusetts, residents of Boston’s 10th Suffolk district voted ‘yes’ on Question 5, an advisory question supporting a $15 an hour minimum wage. With a 63% majority, working people have voted to take back the city they can no longer afford. With Boston’s cost of living on a constant and steep incline, the city’s $8 an hour minimum wage is becoming less and less livable – and Tuesday’s victory proves that working people have had enough.

15 Now spent the past few months in the 10th Suffolk district’s West Roxbury neighborhood rallying support for not only the upcoming advisory question, but for the fair treatment of workers statewide. 15 Now activists went door-to-door discussing the implications of an increased minimum wage with West Roxbury residents. We held speak outs and public meetings, and worked to dispel myths about the negative repercussions of a wage increase. Our consistent, and tireless work paid off when Question 5 was passed by an overwhelming majority.

The passage of this advisory question will serve as an essential moment for working people in Boston. The city’s cost of living has increased since we began campaigning for Question 5, making a higher minimum wage more essential than ever. Residents of West Roxbury’s call for a $15 an hour minimum wage will serve as a rallying cry citywide that working people deserve more from their employers and from their city. The working people  of Boston deserve better than the poverty wages being leveled against them, and we hope that the momentum created by Question 5’s passage will inspire workers  throughout the city.

The victory in Boston this Tuesday serves as evidence that when working people mobilize, motivate, and support one another – legitimate, systemic change can be made. The residents of the 10th Suffolk district have unified to demand fair, equal treatment from their legislators and their employers. This victory, in combination with the minimum wage victories in 17 states and in particular San Francisco and Oakland passing $15serve as incredible proof that working people are fighting back, taking back their cities, and demanding change. Continue to support 15 Now and we can take these successes nationwide.