Start a 15 Now Chapter

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Do you want to start a 15 Now chapter in your area ? This guide will give you some basic ideas about how to get started.

What 15 Now is All About

15 Now is based on organizing a grassroots movement from below that anyone can join and help build. You can start by reading more about 15 Now here.  15 Now Seattle has lead the way. This article briefly explains the winning strategy behind the 15 Now campaign in Seattle.

Get 15 Now Materials

In the materials sections of the website you can download and print-out the sign-up sheet, posters and leaflet templates.  You can also order 15 Now t-shirts online.  Visibility is important. The red t-shirts and posters help raise the visibility of your campaign.

Set Up a 15 Now Facebook Page

Facebook is a useful tool to reach out to people. You can use facebook to post pictures, articles, and videos of your 15 Now chapter and advertise you local 15 Now events.

Organize a 15 Now Launch Event

A launch event, such as a 15 Now public meeting, is a great way to get started.  You can set up a Facebook event and use the leaflet and poster templates on the materials section to advertise the event.  Make sure to prepare an introduction at the meeting that gives people some background of the campaign but also talks about ideas to get started in your area.

Petitioning for 15

The 15 Now sign-up sheet also doubles as a petition.  You can use it to start a dialogue with people on the streets, collect donations and find people who are interested in getting involved.  Using a table and picket signs also helps attract attention. Remember to follow people up with a phone call or an email as soon as possible after you meet them and have some ideas ready about how they can get involved.

Organize an Action

Whether it’s a standout on the street corner or a protest at a fastfood chain, public actions are an exciting way to campaign for 15 and attract people to the cause.  Remember to bring a table and sign-up sheet to get the contact information of people who want to get involved.

Send Reports to

Send us your contact information and facebook page for the website so people who are looking for a 15 now chapter can find you.  Send a picture of your first meeting, action or event.  Whenever you hold events or actions send us photos, videos and brief reports to put up on  Just email