15 Now Establishes Ties with Raise the Wage Davis

First meeting of Raise the Wage Davis
First meeting of Raise the Wage Davis

The fight for 15 is taking off all around the country. Today organizers of 15 Now and Raise the Wage Davis (RWD) spoke about ways we can collaborate in our efforts to raise the minimum wage. Raise the Wage Davis was just formed recently, inspired by the victory of a $15 an hour ballot initiative in SeaTac and the election victory of Kshama Sawant last fall. They plan to collect 7,000 signatures by May 1 in order to get an initiative on the ballot this fall which would raise the minimum wage of all workers in Davis, California to $15 an hour.

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Feb. 15th Day of Organizing a Wild Success!

With local hip-hop artist RA Scion performing on stage and the bass turned to full blast, the 15 Now campaign and its community allies celebrated the closing of the long-awaited February 15th Day of Organizing, Education, and Music. Upwards of 400 people paraded into SEIU 775’s headquarters throughout the day, filling up every seat and spilling into the hallways to listen to speakers like Green Party 2012 Presidential candidate Jill Stein, Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant, and SEIU Local 775 President David Rolf. But, most remarkable was the experience of participating in the workshops facilitated by (extra)ordinary workers and activists, who organized themselves into neighborhood action groups, shared experiences on movement building, and discussed responses to common questions about raising the minimum wage. This weekend will prove to be a critical time of preparation, as we carry this movement to new heights with the March For 15 on March 15th, massive May Day actions, and much more to come this year until a $15/hour minimum wage is won!

If you missed this tremendously successful event, or you were there but want to relive those epic moments, watch this news coverage!

Jill Stein, James Bible, David Rolf & Kshama Sawant to Speak at Feb. 15th Rally For $15/Hour!

Only 3 days remain to gather round all your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, classmates, your favorite bus driver, etc. and bring them to this Saturday’s huge day of organizing, education, music, and rallying to WIN a $15/hour minimum wage in Seattle! And just one more reason why you should not miss this: the amazingly awesome speaker lineup. Presenting…




Vast Majority of Seattle Voters Support $15 Minimum Wage

A report from THE STRANGER newspaper today:

Vast Majority of Seattle Voters Support $15 Minimum Wage
New Poll Shows 68 Percent Support Higher Pay
by Goldy
February 12, 2014



If minimum-wage opponents weren’t already shitting bricks, they’re in for an awfully uncomfortable bowel movement: A new poll finds a stunning 68 percent of Seattle voters support a straight-up hike in the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour. No exemptions, no phase-ins, no strings attached.

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